Not sure why, but I've spent a little bit of time this week down the rabbit hole looking at the works of Michael Crichton. The man was truly a genius and I recommend any of his books to a reader with even a passing interest in science. Crichton was that rare breed of writer who was able to make the esoteric and the complicated easily accessible. I especially enjoyed `Jurassic Park.' If you've seen the movie but haven't read the book, please do yourself a favor and get the book. You won't regret it. Other favorites include `Rising Sun' and `Sphere.' Again, the movies of these books didn't do the source material justice. Crichton's narratives are brimming with ideas and meditations on a host of subjects. 

For a real taste of who Michael Crichton was and what he was all about, I recommend the following video. It's well worth the time: