Calling all readers of crime fiction. If you’re interested in reading my debut novel and would like to get a review copy, please send me an email to I’m making a limited number of copies available free. I only ask that you leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

This isn’t an exercise in self-congratulations. I’m looking for honest reviews. I respect the reader, and I honestly want to hear what you have to think about the novel. If you don’t like it, shoot me an email and tell me why. Always happy for feedback.

And please, consider subscribing to my email newsletter to stay in touch and find out what Jonas Brant is up to next. Hint: I’m hard at work on a short novel set four months after the events of EVEN THE WIND. What’s the new book about? A violent stabbing. Rare coins. Money laundering. Enough said?

As always, enjoy whatever you’re reading.

Cheers, Phillip